yarn weight conversion guide
Yarn Weight Conversion Guide Chart of Comparisons*:

Yarn Weight Standard
 0 : LaceLace1 ply2 ply20-40
 1 : Super FineFingering2 ply3 ply14-22
 2 : FineSport4 ply5 ply12-18
 3 : LightLight WorstedDK8 ply11-14
 4 : MediumWorstedAran10 ply9-11
 5 : BulkyBulkyChunky12 ply6-8
 6 : Super BulkySuper BulkySuper Chunky14 ply5-6
 7 : JumboJumbo16 ply0-4

*Reference only based on an aggregate of yarn weight conversion sources comparing yarn weights used in the United States versus yarn weights used in the UK and Australia.

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