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Stitch Markers Make Every Crochet & Knit Project Easier

stitch markers

Stitch markers are a handy and even essential tool for marking where you are, where you want to get to, or where you want to remember in both crochet and knitting. They are small rings, plastic, metal or otherwise, that you insert in stitches you want to mark by location.

When and why to use stitch markers:

At the beginning of a round or row to mark pickup points, for counting rows, to note color change locations and many other reasons.

To mark pattern repeats, particularly in lacy edging (mark those corners!). Cali Chic Baby crochet patterns will usually have a chain in each corner of the starting round with each successive round corner building off this first corner chain. If you can't see it your edging can get off track.

To mark where you will increase or decrease to aid in counting.

To note where to begin special stitches

To mark a reference point where you will count to or measure from, for example.

Stitch markers are invaluable and worth remembering to use liberally throughout your projects to make all counting or reference point locating easier and stress free. Let's face it, those stitches get harder to see each year, so let stitch markers rescue your eyes, your brain (with math) and your overall project success!

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