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How to Single Crochet in Back Loop Only (scBLO)

As crocheters, we are always looking for ways to change up the look or texture of our projects and add a little "spice" sometimes without having to employ crochet acrobatics. Well the single crochet in back loop only (scBLO) stitch is one of those easy ingredients to spice up a design. The result of going through just the back loop, rather than both loops, to complete your single crochet stitch creates a "ribbing" effect due to the slightly elongated, or stretched stitch. This gives a visible pop as well as a different texture, which I use from time to time in my baby blanket patterns.

Simple Tutorial

Below is the sc in back loop only instructions taken directly from the Cali Chic Baby blanket pattern, Sweet Dreams #24.

Give this simple stitch a try and see if you if you don't find it a nice touch in various applications. Soon you will be looking for different places to use it and adding a ribbing effect to many projects!

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