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Crochet Picot Stitches - Two Ways to Make Cute Picot Stitches

How to make Picot stitches using two of my favorite methods: the Slip Stitch Picot and the Single Crochet picot. Many methods are taught for making the picot stitch, but this video will introduce the two easiest ways to crochet a cute picot stitch.

The two methods shown will give you a choice between a smaller, more dainty picot stitch or a larger, more pronounced picot stitch. Either picot design will add a nice decorative accent to your blanket or project edging.

Cali Chic Baby blanket patterns that use the Picot stitch are listed below:

Blossom Bib & Blanket Set #140, Chevron #55, Freesia #143, Sugar Baby #12

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