How to make the Triple Crochet Stitch and the longer, Double Triple Crochet Stitch. The triple crochet, also called the treble crochet, stitch creates a long, post-like stitch that can add length and elegance to projects. Edging, for baby blankets or shawls, for example, can employ the triple crochet (abbreviated tr) or longer double, triple crochet (dtr) stitch to make adorable ruffles or other pronounced accent. This is truly a useful and style enhancing stitch that needs to be in your skill box!

A few Cali Chic Baby blanket patterns that use the Triple Crochet stitch are listed below:
Angel #41, Hollywood #49, Paris #63, Chocolate Dream #91, Foxy Wrap #109

How to crochet hdc between posts and make a 5-dc bobble in a contrast color. This video supports the Cotton Candy baby blanket pattern #160 and demonstrates how to make the “between posts” half double crochet stitch, as well as how to crochet a 5-dc bobble in a contrasting color.

The video also shows how to clean up the back side of the 5-dc bobble stitches so both the right and wrong sides of the blanket look cute and clean.

Other Cali Chic Baby blanket patterns that use the 5-dc bobble are:
Sugar Baby #12

Crochet Picot Stitches - Two Ways to Make Cute Picot Stitches

How to make Picot stitches using two of my favorite methods: the Slip Stitch Picot and the Single Crochet picot. Many methods are taught for making the picot stitch, but this video will introduce the two easiest ways to crochet a cute picot stitch.

The two methods shown will give you a choice between a smaller, more dainty picot stitch or a larger, more pronounced picot stitch. Either picot design will add a nice decorative accent to your blanket or project edging.

Cali Chic Baby blanket patterns that use the Picot stitch are listed below:
Blossom Bib & Blanket Set #140, Chevron #55, Freesia #143, Sugar Baby #12

2-dc Bobble Stitch Tutorial & How to Change Yarn Colors

How to make the 2-dc Bobble stitch (2 double crochet Bobble stitch) and how to change yarn colors without cutting your yarn. This video supports the Laguna baby blanket pattern #159 and demonstrates a Bobble stitch with only 2 dc… often incorrectly confused with a puff stitch (puff uses hdc only).

Other Cali Chic Baby blanket patterns that use the 2-dc Bobble stitch are listed below:
Claire #144, Elise #146, Grace #149, Fairy #124, Daisy Love #21,
Sugar Baby #12, Silver Spoon #99, Honey Bunny #82