Love Crochet Magazine issue 74

Cali Chic BabyAnother wonderful magazine, “Love Crochet” has included me in their publication! This time it’s a small overview of Cali Chic Baby and my life’s obsession, DIY baby blankets and accessories. Crochet is obviously a wonderful skill that allows me to add all the delicate lace and detail to my blanket edgings and Love Crochet magazines and their online properties is a wonderful way for crocheters everywhere to share that passion. I sell my patterns both on and

You can see this article in the May 2019 Spring issue #74 that came out in April of 2019.

As crocheters, we are always looking for ways to change up the look or texture of our projects and add a little “spice” sometimes without having to employ crochet acrobatics. Well the single crochet in back loop only (scBLO) stitch is one of those easy ingredients to spice up a design. The result of going through just the back loop, rather than both loops, to complete your single crochet stitch creates a “ribbing” effect due to the slightly elongated, or stretched stitch. This gives a visible pop as well as a different texture, which I use from time to time in my baby blanket patterns.

Simple Tutorial
Below is the sc in back loop only instructions taken directly from the Cali Chic Baby blanket pattern, Sweet Dreams #24.

single crochet in back loop only

Give this simple stitch a try and see if you if you don’t find it a nice touch in various applications. Soon you will be looking for different places to use it and adding a ribbing effect to many projects!

Before you learn how to crochet easy picot stitches you might first ask, “what are picot stitches?” Picots are cute, little round-shaped crochet stitches that add a decorative touch to any edging. Picots are a way to add a finishing touch all around a baby blanket, for example, without having to crochet a complex border. There is certainly more than one way to go about crocheting a picot stitch but I will offer what I believe to be the easiest way to create them.

Below are the simple instructions of how I prefer to make the picot stitch.

How to make a Picot stitch
Ch 3, insert at arrow, hook yarn and pull through. Follow the photo arrow movements.
crochet easy picot stitches

Another fun stitch that’s easy to do but creates a nice “X” pattern in your work is the crossed double crochet stitch (crossed dc). Below I show a crossed dc stitch with chain between the dc heads as this is an option to less gap in the “X” pattern. The crossed dc stitch will add visual interest and variety to your baby blanket, hat, scarf or any other crochet project needing a little visual pop.

Once you learn this stitch you will be looking for chances to incorporate it! Follow the tutorial steps in the photos to create the easy crossed dc stitch separated by a single chain.

crossed double crochet stitch

Here I offer a short tutorial on changing yarn colors, using the Cali Chic Baby Teddy Bear pattern #58. The example shown applies to any pattern using a double crochet stitch where a new yarn color is being introduced.

Step 1
When row finishes with 2 dc, on second dc you will complete “HALF” the stitch and stop, saving the last yarn over for introducing the NEW white yarn.
changing yarn colors

Step 2
Don’t just drop your brown yarn! Take the brown yarn color and wrap over the crochet hook and hold.
changing yarn colors with dc stitch

Step 3
While holding brown yarn string as shown, bring in NEW white yarn color and pull through entire stitches on crochet hook, completing the row.
changing yarn colors tutorial

Step 4
Then, start your chain 3 for next row, and turn. Note by holding the brown yarn previously it is nicely secured close to the body for use again later with less “gap.”
how to change yarn colors without cutting

US vs UK Crochet Terms
Common US vs UK Crochet Terms & Abbreviations Chart (USA vs UK / AU)*:

Term & Abbreviation
Term & Abbreviation
(UK / AU)
slip stitch
sl st
slip stitch
sl st
single crochet
double crochet
half double crochet
half treble crochet
double crochet
treble crochet
triple crochet
double treble crochet
double triple crochet
triple treble crochet
single crochet 2 together
double crochet 2 together
double crochet 2 together
treble crochet 2 together
half double crochet 2 together
half treble crochet 2 together
back post single crochet
BP+ (sc, dc, hdc, tr, etc.)
back post double crochet
BP+ (dc, hdc, tr, etc.)
front post single crochet
FP+ (sc, dc, hdc, tr, etc.)
front post double crochet
FP+ (dc, hdc, tr, etc.)
single crochet back loop only
(sc, dc, hdc, tr, etc.) + BLO
double crochet back loop only
(dc, hdc, tr, etc.) + BL
single crochet front loop only
(sc, dc, hdc, tr, etc.) + FLO
double crochet front loop only
(dc, hdc, tr, etc.) + FLO
half double crochet third loop only
half treble crochet third loop only
crossed double crochet
space (ch space)
sp (ch sp)
yarn over
yarn over hook
gauge tension

*Reference only based on an aggregate of crochet terms and comparison sources.

yarn weight conversion guide
Yarn Weight Conversion Guide Chart of Comparisons*:

Yarn Weight Standard
 0 : Lace Lace 1 ply 2 ply 20-40
 1 : Super Fine Fingering 2 ply 3 ply 14-22
 2 : Fine Sport 4 ply 5 ply 12-18
 3 : Light Light Worsted DK 8 ply 11-14
 4 : Medium Worsted Aran 10 ply 9-11
 5 : Bulky Bulky Chunky 12 ply 6-8
 6 : Super Bulky Super Bulky Super Chunky 14 ply 5-6
 7 : Jumbo Jumbo 16 ply 0-4

*Reference only based on an aggregate of yarn weight conversion sources comparing yarn weights used in the United States versus yarn weights used in the UK and Australia.

crochet hook size guide
Crochet Hook Size Guide Chart of Metric vs US / UK / Canada Crochet Hook Sizes*:

Millimeter Size (mm)
Crochet Hook Size (US)
Crochet Hook Size (UK/CA)
2.0 mm 14
2.25 mm B-1 13
2.5 mm 12
2.75 mm C-2
3.0 mm 11
3.25 mm D-3 10
3.5 mm E-4 9
3.75 mm F-5
4.0 mm G-6 8
4.5 mm 7 7
5.0 mm H-8 6
5.5 mm I-9 5
6.0 mm J-10 4
6.5 mm K-10.5 3
7.0 mm 2
7.5 mm 1
8.0 mm L-11 0
9.0 mm M-13 00
10.0 mm N-15 000
12 mm O-16
15.0 mm P/Q-19
15.75 / 16.0 mm Q
17.5 mm R
19.0 mm S-35
25.0 mm U

*Trust the millimeter (mm) size as the letter / number can vary by manufacturer.