• DIY Baby Blankets

DIY Baby Blankets & Elegant Results

Knit or crochet original design baby blankets with distinctive style and simple elegance from easy-to-follow pattern instructions.

Feel Accomplishment

Blankets, specifically baby blankets for your little miracle, don’t have to be long, scary projects with confusing edging instructions. Cali Chic Baby’s mission is to share with everyone how simple and easy blanket patterns can be resulting in gorgeous creations you can give proudly as gifts or treasure yourself.

Feel accomplishment completing Cali Chic Baby original design baby blankets, first time and every time.

Be Inspired

Kyoko, designer & Cali Chic Baby’s founder, has studied knitting and crocheting her entire life. It is truly her passion. LOVE of colors and yarn inspires her with possibility every time she picks up a skein of some wonderful texture and beautiful color hue.

We hope Cali Chic Baby creations inspire you too and you experience only success and joy making them yourself for your own family and friends.

Share Beauty

“My intent is to share beautiful baby blanket patterns that are detailed, yet remain simple and easy to understand so fun and success are the experience, every time.”…Kyoko

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